how much is commercial property cleaning

office cleaning Birmingham provided by different firms and groups are now becoming popular day by day. They make it easy for the commercial property owners to get their buildings clean daily or once in a while by spending a decided budget on the service. The overall cost of cleaning a building depends on the size of the building and whether it is an office or any other commercial place like a shop or a mall. There are many grounds maintenance Birmingham firms that offer their services to clean the ground or the floor. As there are different types of floors like marble floor, wooden floor, cement floor or the tiles floor; the cost depends largely on the type of the floor.

Thus, the overall budget that you must have ranges from $50 or 100 to $1000. Wait! Don’t be shocked! The $1000 budget is only for those who own a multistory building or a huge shopping mall.

For the random offices and commercial buildings, the price of the property maintenance Birmingham is weighed according to the services offered by the service men. At time they charge according to the square foot and the charges are in cents. In other cases, the firm might charge according to the number of hours they have spent cleaning.

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